More productivity, less burnout
We care of your ideas / business development, improvement, making new acquaintances in the most comfortable conditions.
3 500 м2
Total area
8 floors
For different tasks
4 zones
By specialization
Working hours
Meeting rooms
When you want to work in open space
An ideal place to work when you value freedom, cool people nearby and open space.

Lots of comfortable seating options: chair or sofa, sitting or standing (stand working desk), in seclusion or with like-minded people.
1 hour
50 hours
100 hours
10 hours
75 hours
200 hours
When you want to be a part of community
24-hour closed-type smart offices for teams from 2 to 50 people. Functional work areas, access to meeting rooms and skype rooms.

For residents there are special conditions for attending events and renting conference rooms. Inspirational atmosphere and quality service - unlimited.
Total area: 53 m2
Capacity: 1-10 people
Total area: 100 m2
Capacity: 10-20 people
Total area: 150 m2
Capacity: 20-30 people
When you need privacy
A meeting, strategy session, presentation or conference call can be held in the meeting rooms.

It's equipped with all the necessary devices, with a capacity up to 20 people. Rooms ensure complete confidentiality and allow holding any type of events.
Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Total area: 15 m2
Capacity: 5 people
Total area: 20 m2
Capacity: 10 people
Total area: 25 m2
Capacity: 15 people
Office spaces that inspire
20.12.2020 19:00
StoryTelling in the Digital Age
At this event, Samuel Cook will talk about why the ancient art of storytelling is the future of online marketing and how to leverage storytelling for business.
25.05.2020 19:00
Vinnytsia data science 2020
7 days, 7 performances, 4 lectures / 3 workshops. 2 intensive every day! More than 500 participants unite to develop and change the world with you!
10.03.2020 17:00
Startup World Cup
The Startup World Cup (SWC) is a global series of startup conferences and competitions held in 40 countries around the world. Regional competition finalists will have the opportunity to make it to the finals.
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